Some Companies Need Professional (PR) Help - Thanks for allowing me to work for free. It is my dream to work without the stress of getting a paycheck.

There are many reasons why most companies should have their social media handled by outside professionals.

This following email sent to a top Canadian Mommy Blogger is a prime example

Almost 50% of Canadians have had their computers for five years or longer – so many women are missing out on all the great things technology can do to help them enjoy their lives. Instead, they suffer through constant crashes, super slow performance (brushing your teeth while you wait for boot-up sound familiar?), incompatible technology and lack of security.

There’s so much you can do – from streaming movies directly to your TV via your computer (WiDi) to letting the men folk watch their sports while the kids monopolize the TV, to managing and storing all those photos and videos that capture our lives. There’s never a need to settle for a slow, out-of-date machine.

Now the mommy blogger must be given credit as she replied fairly politely with the following:

 Hi there,

Thanks for sending me this info. Being a “digital woman”, I always keep my computers up to date and safe and since I just bought a computer last week, I am in no way suffering through slow boot ups or brushing my teeth while my PC loads. I picked out my own laptop according to my desired disk space, GB of DDR RAM for speed and a video card that would work best with what I wish to accomplish on my PC. I also upgrade frequently.

Anyway, I have had a PC since the early 90’s and even though I am a woman, I have always grown with technology. 

I think it isn’t safe to assume that this applies to ALL women and I most certainly would not sell or promote this in this way to my female readers.

Though I see the benefit of your site for those who are not technology aware and would love to promote this to both my male and female readers. 

What is your budget for this?

The thing is that there are two problems existing in the way many companies approach social media.

For example with the increase of SAHDads and Daddy Bloggers, companies need to realize that men make as many decisions as women when it comes to the care of their children.

The other side of the same issue is that with the sheer number of Mommy Bloggers and working women professionals, women can no longer be considered to be simply a SAHMom or that they are technologically challenged.

The second point is that companies (and even some PR is bad for this) seem to think that bloggers work for free.  Take the look at the reach of a newspaper and look at how much they charge for a single day of advertising.

It is time that companies, PR firms and media representatives realize that social media and bloggers have a different audience and a far more engaged audience, however that audience is not free and it is not something to be mocked by poorly thought out proposals on the part of the companies representatives.

Social media is a viral based media and the wrong thing getting seen by the right people at the right time can seriously damage a company’s reputation in the eyes of a growing market.

A few suggestions Companies, Advertisers and PR reps may want to consider.

Tech publications get read by people looking for specific devices and are a captive market.  Mommy/Daddy Bloggers can showcase your product to a market that may not have previously considered your  product.

Autism bloggers and other Special Needs bloggers are an even better focus for tech companies as many families with autistic and special needs children and even older people with autism/special needs themselves use tech as a means of communication.

Never discount the ability of the blogger but more importantly never insult the blogger as they have a tool that can increase your companies business or damage it severely and networks of bloggers often work together to promote the same product on various blogs at once.


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